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Access to Campus Facilities for Educational Purposes

This procedure applies to shared and core educational resources, not to the labs of individual PIs which are covered under the procedure for research spaces.

For those students who have a critical educational need for access to on-campus facilities at UMass Dartmouth, a faculty member may request access for those students to use labs, studios or other specialized facilities.

In order for a campus facility to be used for this purpose, the department in charge of the facility must make a request for that facility to be opened. Departmental chairpeople should submit their requests to open facilities by email to their Deans.

  • The request must clearly identify the space to be opened including room numbers and the specific equipment that will be used. 
  • The request must identify by name the students who require use of the facility and why it is essential that they be able to use the facility this Spring.
  • The request must identify the proposed period of time for which the facility is requested be open – e.g. April, 2020 or one week in May etc … Open periods should be kept to a minimum.  Deans may alter the requested dates as a condition of their support for the request.
  • The request must also include a plan for how the facility will be used and supervised so that social distancing (6’ distance between individuals) will be maintained at all times while all other aspects of safety will be assured.

The plan must identify an individual who will supervise the facility. The supervisor will schedule the facility’s use, ensure that social distancing is maintained during its use and make sure the space is sanitized in between users. The supervisor may delegate day to day supervision to other people, but the supervisor should be the one accountable to make sure all the safety requirements are met. If a suitable supervisor cannot be identified, the facility will not be opened.

If the Dean supports the request to open a facility for educational use, the Dean will forward the request along with his or her endorsement to the Associate Provost for Research and Economic Development Alex Fowler with a copy to Zeina Madeiros. The Associate Provost will then notify the Dean if it is determined that the necessary requirements have been met and issue a memo to the chair and the supervisor indicating that the facility may be opened.

The supervisors of facilities will be the points of contact for faculty who wish to allow students to use the facilities. Faculty should contact the facility supervisor to schedule times for use. Scheduling requests must identify who will be using the facility, which equipment they will be using and for how long. Use of the facility without receiving approval from the facility supervisor is not allowed.

Supervisors should make sure scheduling allows for appropriate social distancing (6’ of separation), time to sanitize equipment between users and that users understand that they are expected to sanitize their work areas at the end of each work session. People from outside the UMass Dartmouth community may not use UMass Dartmouth facilities at this time.



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