Endeavor Scholars Program

The Endeavor Scholarship is designed to attract talented new students who might not otherwise be able to attend UMass Dartmouth. Established in 2010 through the generous gift of an anonymous donor, the scholarship is the university's most prestigious endowed scholarship.

Students are selected based on academic achievement, leadership experience, and dedication to community service.

Endeavor Scholars are a diverse group of outstanding students who:‌

  • Understand that leadership is developed, not innate
  • Believe that women and minorities have a role in bringing about change
  • Appreciate that hard work and scholarship are required for success
  • Embrace the idea that students can change the world through service
  • Share their skills and knowledge with the wider community and world

How to apply

Endeavor Scholarship

As an Endeavor Scholar, you'll be part of a cohort experience that nurtures civic-minded responsibility. Endeavor Scholars spend significant time together in leadership and development, innovative community-related coursework, and service and outreach activities.

The Endeavor Scholarship is a last-dollar scholarship that provides tuition, mandatory fees, as well as a standard room and a Platinum Dining Membership after you've been awarded your financial aid award.

Because it is a last-dollar scholarship, the scholarship amount is subject to change if your financial aid award is changed and/or if you receive any outside sources of funding.

Endeavor Scholars profile

  • There are currently 23 students in the Endeavor Scholars program.
  • Average SAT score: 1150 (math and reading)
  • Average high school grade point average: 4.0
  • Our first group of Endeavor Scholars graduated in May 2014. A 76.6% retention rate, since fall 2010, compares favorably with a 72.2% national average retention rate among public universities.
  • Endeavor Scholars currently carry an average cumulative grade point average of 3.44 in 20 fields of study distributed across all five UMass Dartmouth colleges.
  • The Endeavor Scholars group is made up of 21 females and 2 males (91% female/9% male), and 13 (61%) have self-identified as students of color. 
  • 100% were actively involved in community service activities prior to attending UMass Dartmouth.