Giving Opportunities

Alumni Giving Opportunities

    1.      College of Engineering Excellence Fund (Dean’s Endowment)
    Discretionary funds for the College Dean to advance the fundamental teaching and research mission of the College.

      2.      College of Engineering Alumni Teaching Award(s)
      Proposed award categories include: Distinguished Educator Award, Teaching Innovation Award, Assistant Professor Award, and a Teaching Assistant Award.

        3.      College of Engineering Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series
        Provides resources for internationally-recognized scholars to present a research colloquium at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

          4.      College of Engineering Graduate Fellowship Fund
          Financial support for doctoral students in the College of Engineering.

            5.      College of Engineering Scholarship Fund
            Undergraduate scholarship support for the College of Engineering.  Awards can be merit, need, or diversity based including a First Generation College Fund.

              6.      College of Engineering Undergraduate Research Internships
              Funds for summer internships for undergraduate students to work with COE faculty on research projects.

                7.      College of Engineering Student Innovation/Entrepreneurship Fund
                To support project-based learning opportunities for undergraduate students.  Examples of active projects include: SAE automotive group, and IEEE (solar house).  This fund would also provide matching support to enter invited design competitions from the US DOE, EPA, and NASA.

                  8.      COE Professional Development Fund
                  To provide support to student professional societies for local meetings, travel to national conventions, and service activities.  Support for student enrichment through service award recognition, career/leadership workshops, etc. is also sought.

                  For further information on any of the opportunities, please contact:

                  Lara H. Stone
                  Senior Philanthropic Officer
                  UMass Dartmouth
                  (508) 999-8372