Graduate Program Requirements

Thirty (30) credits are required to complete the program.

Master's Thesis: six (6) credits; or Master's Project: three (3) credits

12 or 15 credits selected from the course lists, based on the student's specialty area of preference. Students who choose the Thesis Option select 12 credits and those who choose the Project Option select 15 credits.

The thesis option requires the completion of a 6 credit research thesis usually involving a theoretical or experimental investigation of a fundamental nature. The project option requires the successful completion of a 3-credit project, usually involving a theoretical or experimental investigation of an applied nature, often in conjunction with a company's or government agency's interests.

A maximum of 6 credits of CEN 595 (Independent Study) may be allowed upon approval by the student advisor. 

In general, the courses must be designated as CEN courses, although courses taken from other departments may be accepted with approval of the CEN department. Currently, the following additional courses are accepted towards the MS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering:

  • MNE 503 Continuum Mechanics (3)
  • MNE 511 Theory of Elasticity (MNE 503 is a prerequisite) (3)
  • MNE 513 Theory of Plates and Shells (3)
  • MNE 501 Adv. Engineering Mathematics (3) 
  • CHM 531 Chemical Kinetics (3)