Civil engineering at UMass Dartmouth often translates into "hands-on fun" with several competitions offered throughout the year. The most popular of these are the Annual Balsa Wood Bridge Competition and the Annual Concrete Canoe Race, in which engineers push their design capabilities while having a great time.

The UMass Dartmouth Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers grants members the opportunity to meet students from other schools, as well as local practicing engineers and professionals involved in the national organization. The national chapter also publishes monthly journals on advances in the civil engineering field which are made available to the students.

The UMass Dartmouth Student Chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers provides a forum for dealing with the social, ethical, economic and professional dimensions of engineering. As part of a national organization, student members have access to professional programs and information that reflect engineering concerns and interests. It also aims to promote a sound understanding of engineering professionalism.

The Society of Women Engineers works to make known opportunities for women in engineering and to encourage young women to consider engineering as a career. Open to both men and women, the society serves to encourage women to attain high levels of educational and professional achievement and acts as a center of information. It also administers a number of award, certificate, and scholarship programs.