Transfer Articulation Agreement in Civil Engineering

Between Bristol Community College (BCC) and College of Engineering at UMass Dartmouth


BCC Program: Engineering Science Transfer Credits UMass Dartmouth Program: Civil Engineering [126 or 127 Credits] Credits
Program Core Courses UMass Dartmouth Equivalent Courses
CHM 13 Fundamentals of Chemistry I 4 CHM 153 Principles of Modern Chemistry for Engineers 3
CHM 14 Fundamentals of Chemistry II 4 CHM 152 Principles of Modern Chemistry II 3
CHM 162 Introduction to Applied Chemistry II 1
MTH 54 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 MTH 212 Differential Equations 3
PHY 12 General Physics II 4 PHY 114 Classical Physics II 4
CAD 58 Civil Drafting and Design 3 CEN 161 Civil Engineering Design Graphics 3
ETK 29 Electrical Engineering I 3 EGR 101 Intro. to Engineering through Applied Science I* 2
ETK 56 Surveying I 4 EGR 102 Intro. to Engineering through Applied Science II** 2
ETK 58 Surveying II (provided ETK 56 has also been completed) 4 CEN 301 Surveying 4
Total Credits (Civil Engineering) 66   62
*Transfer credit for EGR 101 can only be awarded when MTH 14 is completed and transferred.
**Transfer credit for EGR 102 can only be awarded when MTH 15 and PHY 11 are completed and transferred.
Additional credits required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  Engineering core courses: 2 courses 6
Civil Engineering major courses: 22 courses 50
Technical electives: 2 courses 6
General Education requirements: 1 course 3
General Education requirements remaining to be completed will differ depending on the electives taken at BCC. For instance, students who chose Economics at BCC will have completed the UMass Dartmouth Global Awareness (Area G) general education requirement; students who select Government 51 will have met the UMass Dartmouth Diversity (Area D) general education requirement.

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