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Educational experiences and their influence on alumni professional careers

Computer Information Science Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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"I am very much thankful to department for providing me such a great support throughout my academic life at UMASS Dartmouth. I would like to thank you for all the financial and academic support given from department because of which I was able to achieve this."

Jatin H Patel
MS in Computer Science 2008
Database Engineer at Microsoft

"I would want to thank you for all your support. I got offers from all the companies I interviewed for. But I am planning to join Vecna. They have lot of projects going on and also they have a research going on in Artificial Intelligence. They said I could even join the research group. And the company has a branch in Boston so I don't have to move. I again want to thank you for all the support."

Bhavesh Shrestha
MS in Computer Science, 2008

"I take enormous pride for being a part of CIS department and I want to congratulate entire CIS department for their achievements in past 25 years and wish them greater success in future. In Fall 2001, I joined CIS department for Master of Science (MS). As an International student, it was going to be an educational and cultural change. During MS, I learned, gained and sharpened various skill sets that are extremely valuable to me today in my professional career.

As an MS student, I found, CIS departments’ atmosphere conducive for learning. Department offered various advanced and innovative courses in Computer Science (CS), that helped in building strong fundamentals with deeper understanding of various CS areas. A number of facilities including research labs were accessible 24/7 to students. Professors were readily available to solve any study related difficulties and staffs were very kind in resolving any related issues. Thus, I found department very supportive and MS program suitably comprehensive.

Beginning of MS, department awarded me financial support in terms of teaching assistantship (TA). Later, with my performances, department chose me for Part Time Visiting Lecturer (PTVL). So, I should say that department carefully reviewed my abilities and performances and facilitated me in achieving next levels.

Towards degree program, I successfully completed a Master Project and Master Thesis. Project involved learning of new tools and techniques and providing solutions by using these tools. I learned lot of research principles from my Professor. The research work resulted in conference papers that are published in CS journals.

Currently, I’m working as a Team Lead in world’s biggest financial industry. I certainly value departments’ contribution at every stage of my career path. Skills that I acquired and honed while in CIS department, are benefiting me continuously in my professional career, while,

  1. Learning of new technologies and skills (MS program built strong fundamentals and learned advanced CS techniques)
  2. Conveying information and ideas in both written and oral form to the team and management (Teaching and Research experiences)
  3. Understanding of the business problems and providing and researching into solutions that are efficient and error free (MS Project and Research experiences)
  4. Improved my time and task management skills (going through different roles in department while Studying, Teaching, and Researching)

Overall, in department, I acquired and honed not only CS skills but also management and people skills that are assisting me immensely in my career. I’m thankful to CIS department for providing such a strong foundation towards my career."

Bhushan Bauskar
Ph. D. Candidate

"I got my Master's Degree in Computer Science from UMass Dartmouth at 1999. Looking back at those years, I can see that they where a turning point in my growth, both personally and professionally. I met a truly dedicated group of professional educators and researchers who awakened in me the love for Computer Science and for research that I have now. I am currently the Computer Systems Manager of a public company employing 180 people in Barcelona, Spain, leading an IT Department of 5 people. The rewards of this profession are many and I owe this to UMass Dartmouth, but more that than I value the ability to listen to other people, relate to them and their difficulties, thus being able to provide them with the best possible computing solution for their needs. This is something that is not on the books and I learned this from the dedicated faculty at the Computer and Information Science Department."

Alberto Cabeza, Barcelona, Spain
M.S. in Computer Science '99

"My professional career has included the following: working for six months at Periphonics Corporation (now Nortel) in Bohemia NY (on Long Island, Working six years at Lockheed Martin in Portsmouth RI, Working for two years at Lockheed Martin in Minneapolis MN, Working for 1 year at Lockheed Martin in Groton CT, and Working for 4 years at Raytheon in Portsmouth RI. A quote I can offer is "The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Computer and Information Science Department will provide you with a world class education...all you have to do is apply yourself to UMD CS program!"

Thomas Silveria
Senior Software Engineer, Athena MDA
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

"It is a honor for me that you ask me for a few words and I am more than happy to contribute about my great experience at UMASS Dartmouth. Here are my first ideas:

To have had the opportunity to study one year at UMASS Dartmouth was the most interesting experience in my live. I was particularly impressed by the very good supervision of each student to get in touch with new technologies and also the possibility to work in teams. Spending one year at UMASS Dartmouth and learning about the American culture is a great help for me now that I am working for an American software company in Germany."

Marcus Juergens
Director Professional Services
MicroStrategy, Germany

The Computer Science education I received at UMASS Dartmouth prepared me with a deep background with computational theory and software engineering. The curriculum strikes a balance between fundamental concepts and contemporary skills, and prepares the student with a foundation for ongoing learning in the ever changing field of computer software.

Joe Biron
Computer Science Major
Class 2002

"UMass Dartmouth’s CIS program is well designed and provides a perfect balance of instructorled theory lectures and hands-on labs. Relatively small class sizes and dedicated professors proved to be very effective combination in developing the skills necessary for the real world. Several courses in particular were of great interest to me and have helped tremendously in my line of work. These courses included semester- long projects, which were designed to simulated real-world software development. This proved to be a great, useful experience that prepared me for the many challenges I’ve had to face in my professional life.

The dedicated professors at UMass Dartmouth are knowledgeable in their subject areas and eager to help in any way they can, with the students’ best interest always in mind. In my particular case, expressing interest in UI design to one of the professors resulted in my first summer internship — which in turn yielded full time employment upon graduation.

I am currently a Software Engineer at EMC, a leading information infrastructure provider, and I look upon my years at UMass with pride and gratitude. The University (and the CIS program in particular) gave me a solid education that has paved a way for a successful career."

Aleksandra Messier (Kuzlik)
Computer Sciences Major
Class of 2002

"Throughout my four years of study in the Computer Science Department at UTMASS Dartmouth I always felt both passionately challenged and enthused. The way this area of study was taught worked elegantly. The course curriculum did not just teach you to write code in different languages but it also taught you how to think of a program conceptually so that any future language can be learned with great ease.

In my mind those four years were broken up as thus:

Freshmen Year (The Thinking Year) Learned theory, how to think about a program and how it should be written or function. Some practical experience.

Sophomore Year (The High-Low Year) More practical experience and More background studies. Learned the very basics of what it means to program to better understand what it means today. The Department also touched on very High-Level areas of design with U Modeling. We went from binary to models throughout this year.

Junior Year (The Rigorous Year) With a lot of basic practical and background studies complete this year was the most challenging with many new and different problems to solve. This year is spent giving you new challenge after new challenge to learn many different programming techniques most of which I still use today.

Senior Year (The Wrap Up Year) With all of the basics, new techniques and difficult challenges behind you the final year focused on taking all that you have learned and wrap it around real life projects and procedures. By completing the senior project you learn from start to finish what its like on a real world system. While working this project you are also given a chance to choose which area of Computer Science you would like to study. I found by this time you were allowed to be more creative in your programs, allowing you to define how they are to be completed. All in all my experience with this department has been invaluable. Not only has it taught me a great deal and changed the way I think it also helped land me a job at Raytheon which is great experience. 1ff had to do it all over again I would pick it every time!

Douglas J Metz
Computer Science Major
Class 2005