CIS Summer Camp 2012


Our 2012 camp was built on experiences of the previous year. We expanded the camp from one session of Summer 2011 to four sessions and invited both boys and girls. The program of the camp was similar to the previous year and included exploration of robotics, programming with Alice, and game design.

Students worked in groups of compatible age and skill levels. Every student was engaged in working on projects, testing the solutions and presenting the results. We were amazed with the work of these 12 to 15 year old students who with great enthusiasm were able to accomplish design and programming tasks perceived by many freshman college students as   cumbersome and challenging.  Working with these age group students for the second year deepened our conviction that exposing them to problem solving using computing has a great return on the investment. At this age they have strong computer skills allowing them to use computing devices with no fear and with their minds open for exploration of amazing things computers can accomplish. A computer to them is a ride in an amusement park where they will take risks in search of fun.  Our job is only to foster this enthusiasm, curiosity, and intellectual energy in the teaching and learning process, developing skills critical in their future careers and possibly impacting their career choices.

We are very proud of all their accomplishments and for all of us this was a refreshing experience seeing our world of computing through the eyes of an excited young person. This gave a different meaning to all  we do here with computers on a daily basis.

Jan Bergandy


Computer Science Department






Follow this link to a presentation and photos from the CIS summer camp held in 2012


Comments from Parents who attended – Computer Presentations in Robotics, Game Design and Animation. Presentations:

“He is only 13 but I love that after attending this camp he want to go to college”


“My daughter was very enthusiastic about this program. She came home everyday explaining everything she accomplished’

"This program helps students explore a potential career while making it fun for them”

“This was a great camp for my son and daughter. They were not sure they wanted to attend computers in the summer because it sounded like school. But everyday they were excited about telling me what they did and had no problem getting up early to go the next day. Thank you”

“Working in groups was a nice touch. It teaches collaboration, and gives them real life work experience”

“This camp promotes creativity and cooperation, all skills needed in modern society.”

“This camp was very well organized and provided a great opportunity for my children to get involved”.

“I hope this program continues for future kids to enjoy and learn”

“Great program! My daughter loved it so much last year that she decided to do it again this year”

‘My grandson thoroughly enjoyed camp...Hopefully you will continue programs like this in the future”


“My son enjoyed the camp very much. He would like to return next year”


“Great experience...My son said it was awesome!”


"This gave them a great sense of what is out there and available”


“We love the take home information that will allow them to continue developing their interests’


“My son now is more confident than ever that a career in computers is for him, thank you”