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Degree in Three

Software engineering is the systematic approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. If you're interested in large-scale commercial software development or in managing software projects, consider the Computer Science program with an option in software engineering.

The three-year BS degree in computer science with a concentration in software engineering is an innovative, acredited program offering the same high academic standards as our four-year program. With Degree-in-Three, you'll combine University Studies with computing course work and complete your degree a year early.

You’ll save in tuition, fees, room, and board, but the real benefit is being able to enter the field ahead of your peers.

You can look forward to a career with high growth and earning potential, within the computer industry or in business. You'll also be prepared to continue your studies at the graduate level.

Is Degree-in-Three right for you?

Degree-in-Three requires the same number of credits and the same course work as the four-year program. It's designed for students who have specific career goals, have already earned some college credit, or are ready to complete more courses per semester than average. Ideal candidates are highly motivated students who have completed object-oriented programming at the high school level or professionally. You will carry a heavier course load, proceed at an accelerated pace, and take courses in the summer.

Degree-in-Three course of study

First Year Credits
Fall CIS 180 CIS 190 ENL 101 MTH 181 EGR 111   17
Spring CIS 181 CIS 280 ENL 102 MTH 182 US 4A   17
Summer Calc I Calc II US 3A       11
Second Year  
Fall CIS 272 CIS 360 CIS 381 MTH 331 CIS 440   16
Spring CIS 264 CIS 340 CIS 362 ENL 266 US 3B   15
Summer Lab Sci I Lab Sci II US 4B       11
Third Year  
Fall CIS 498 TE I TE II CIS 461 FE   16
Spring CIS 499 TE III TE IV US 4C FE Science elective 17

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