Benefits to Parents

Parent Testimonial

I can't say enough about the program for several reasons. First, it gives my son a chance to know what the job market is all about — what's expected from an employer. It's not just book learning. It's how to take a project, look at its budget, and put it together. It's real hands-on and that's a golden opportunity. Plus, the financial aspect is a gigantic plus. Basically, with what my son earns in the work sessions, he's going to school for free. — Parent of Mechanical Engineering major

As a parent/guardian, you have your child's best interests at heart. In addition, you must juggle family and homemaking responsibilities. Our Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP) can be your ally during these demanding times.

For your promising young engineer or computer scientist, you want...

  • an excellent education;
  • a meaningful college experience;
  • maturity and adulthood;
  • serious consideration of a profession and career;
  • exposure to professional values and behaviors;
  • team values and behaviors; and
  • independence.

Our CEIP offers these advantages to your son or daughter. And it gives you even more!

For example — a student who joins and sticks with the CEIP can not only pay some of the college expenses, but can start a professional career considerably ahead of a classmate from the standard four-year track.

How is this possible?

The CEIP incorporates about 12 months of full-time work throughout its five-year duration.  A dedicated student working for one of our typical employers can expect to earn somewhere in the $27,000 to $40,000 range or more during this period. Please understand that this estimate is based on full-time employment for 12 months at 40 hours per week and a reasonable "junior professional" salary. Actual income depends on individual circumstances. Rates of $13 to $20 per hour are not uncommon.

Some of the cost to parents and families is non-monetary. That is, your son or daughter may not fully understand the value of trading some vacation time for professional experience. Even though an extra year is required, your young engineer or scientist is likely to enjoy a higher starting salary when compared to the salary of the four-year graduate after a full year of work. Your student will start work with a year of meaningful experience and well-deserved professional respect.