Benefits to University

College/University Benefits


  • Increased enrollment.

    With the success of each coop and intern, the Cooperative Education and Internship Program attracts more top quality, motivated students. This outcome is good for the College of Engineering and also for the employers who will benefit from an increasingly talented and skilled workforce. 

  • Enhanced visibility.

    The Cooperative Education and Internship Program faculty and staff and, in particular, the participating students’ interactions with business and industry, enhance recognition of the College of Engineering and of the university. It promotes the institution's philosophy of excellence and commitment to quality education.

  • Enriched classroom experiences.

    Upon returning from each work session, participating students enrich the traditional classroom experience and, by example, help to motivate classmates to challenge themselves more.

  • Well-qualified graduates.

    Students who graduate from the Cooperative Education and Internship Program are well prepared to assume a productive role in society and are an asset to the university.
  • Feedback from employers.

    Feedback is very important to the College of Engineering. The College has as a goal to continually improve the quality and relevance of its science and engineering program curricula.
  • Partnership.

    The College of Engineering welcomes information on current research and development in employer sectors. The sharing of information offers opportunities for collaborative projects with benefits to all.