Career Assessment

In addition to attending the Professional Development Co-op Seminar, it is mandatory that all co-op students complete TWO (2) assignments out of class.

The two assignments are to be completed prior to the last day of the Co-op Seminar:

  • Typefocus - The Career Resource Center has subscribed to TypeFocus, a career assessment evaluation tool. This program assesses personality type and generates three customized reports, which help people understand themselves better so they can choose more effective career strategies. Each user sets up his/her own username and password, which guarantees confidentiality.
  • RezFuzion - Located at the Career Resource Center, this interactive mock interview kiosk is a great way to practice your interviewing skills. The kiosk will help you focus on four basic principles:
    • Preparation
    • Practice
    • Communication
    • And Evaluation

You will be able to self produce and record mock interviews and is available for review and critique 24/7 through any internet connected computer. To utilize RezFuzion, you must make an appointment at the Career Resource Center and login online.