Chairperson's Welcome

Antonio H. Costa

The department offers five excellent degree programs - BS in Computer Engineering, BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Engineering, MS in Electrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with an option in Computer Engineering. Information about these programs and admission requirements and procedures are provided by following the appropriate links within our web site. Information about our well-equipped facilities is also listed.

The freshmen in our BS programs take the Introduction to Engineering and Computing (EGR 111), a college-wide course taken by all engineering majors. In addition to the regular BS degrees, we also provide some novel variations. Students can choose a conventional course schedule or take advantage of our Cooperative Education and Internship Program to gain valuable professional experience and earn significant income. Exceptional students have an opportunity to participate in our five-year BS/MS program. We also offer a Dual Major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Please use the appropriate links to get details of all these programs.

Our graduate programs serve the needs of students seeking to advance academic or industrial careers. In addition to the graduate degree programs, we also offer six post-baccalaureate certificate programs for the working professional. Besides being dedicated teachers, our faculty are also involved in cutting-edge research. Please visit their web sites to learn more about their backgrounds and research interests.

Relatively small class sizes taught by faculty and exceptionally well-equipped laboratories are our trademark. Look over our curriculum and research activities and, if you can, please visit our campus. We are here to help you. Feel free to call on any of us, if you need further assistance and/or information.

Antonio H. Costa
Professor and Chairperson