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Speech Processing Laboratory


Karen L. Payton, Professor


11' X 17' not including the (8' X 9') Test Chamber


The research conducted in this lab focuses on speech intelligibility algorithm development, blind source separation algorithm development and collection of acoustic recordings to be used to assess algorithms developed. The lab is directed by Dr. Karen Payton. Currently there is one PhD student in ECE doing research to develop a software platform for blended blind source separation. The type of equipment in the lab includes a single walled IAC sound-attenuating chamber with additional Sonex sound-absorbing material, a MOTU – A/D/A hardware able to record/play 8 channels simultaneously, connected to a Windows PC. There is an audio power amp to drive up to 4 orb speakers. There is also a sound level meter, multimeter, oscilloscope, function generator, etc. The lab is occasionally used by other faculty and students in the department to either make audio recordings or for senior design projects.



  • ECE 477 - Digital Processing of Speech Signals (when offered)
  • ECE 601 - Master's Thesis
  • ECE 646 - Digital Speech Processing (when offered)
  • ECE 701 - Doctoral Dissertation Research


  • (1) Computer (667 MHz Pentium III, 256M RAM, 20GB HD, 15" Monitor)
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4L Laser Printer
  • (1) IAC single-walled Sound-Attenuating Chamber
  • (1) Tektronix 2235 100 MHz Oscilloscope
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard 3310 Function Generator
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard 3478A Multimeter
  • (1) Hewlett-Packard 5328A Frequency Counter


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