ECE Advising Handbook: Change of major

Students within the University can transfer into on of the majors offered by the ECE Department by following these steps:

  1. The student fills out a Request for Change of Major form and submits the form to the ECE Department Chairperson for evaluation.
  2. The student is interviewed by the Chairperson to determine the reasons for the change of major and review the student's record with him/her. The decision may be easy (e.g., a Mechanical Engineering major with a good record) so that an affirmative decision can be made at this time and we skip to step 5. More often there will be questions that need to be resolved. In this case no final decision is made at this time and a second meeting is scheduled.
  3. A careful review of the student's records is made. This includes reviewing the student's full record which is maintained by the Registrar.
  4. Now a final decision can be made and it is explained to the student at the second meeting scheduled in Step 2 above. Conditional admission is also possible.
  5. A record of the transaction is placed in the student's folder.

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