ECE Advising Handbook: Department's responsibilities

Because of the special mentoring needs of entering students, all freshmen are advised by freshmen advisors who are trained to provide the appropriate guidance to entering freshmen. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are advised by non-freshmen advisors.

The advisor/student relationship will be kept as constant as possible. After moving on from the freshman level, the student will remain with his/her assigned advisor throughout the student's tenure in the undergraduate program. When the advisor takes some type of leave from the University, the Department Chairperson takes on his/her advising role.

Two frequently asked questions by students are:

    • How do I contact my advisor? or Who is my advisor?
      View freshman advisor information.


  • When do I switch to a non-freshmen advisor?
    Your last advising session with your freshmen advisor occurs when you pre-register for ECE 201 - Circuit Theory I, ENL 266 - Technical Communications, and MTH 212 - Differential Equations.

The ECE Department will maintain a file folder for each active undergraduate student. This file will include:

  • An up-to-date Degree Audit and Progress form
  • For transfer students, a Transfer Evaluation form
  • Any appropriate change of major information including a copy of the signed Request for Change of Major form
  • Any other relevant information (e.g., written explanations for any waivers of prerequisites and/or co-requisites)

The list of ECE Faculty Advisors will be posted near the ECE Department's office and posted on the web.

Each faculty advisor has access to the list of his/her advisees through COIN.

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