Senior exit survey

Dear Graduating Senior,

As a graduating senior in electrical or computer engineering, you can provide vital feedback for our educational process. Your responses will contribute to our ongoing program assessment and upcoming ABET re-accreditation.

Specifically, I would like you to complete a survey that addresses the Student Outcomes of your undergraduate program and allows you to comment on the match between your expectations and your experiences here at UMass Dartmouth. The program outcomes are the knowledge, skills and abilities that we expect you to possess by the time you graduate.

Your ideas and opinions are extremely important to us — the faculty of the ECE department —and will guide us as we continue to improve the quality of our programs. Your responses will remain confidential. Only average results and conclusions will be shared.

We understand that your time is valuable so the survey should not take longer than 15 minutes to complete. Additional written comments on each query are strongly encouraged and welcome. Please click the following link to open and complete the survey, or click Start Survey below

Your thoughtful consideration in filling out this survey is greatly appreciated.

Most sincerely,

Antonio H. Costa
Chairperson and Professor