BMEBT Participating Faculty and Fields of Interest

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth faculty affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (BMEBT) program are listed below. This interdisciplinary program invites participation of other faculty from across the UMass Dartmouth campus, and faculty also participate from the UMass Boston, Lowell, and Worcester campuses.

Balasubramanian, Ramprasad
Professor of Computer and Information Science (2000)
BSc 1989 University of Madras, India, MS 1991 University of Toledo, MSOperRes 1993 University of Kentucky, PhD 1999 University of South Florida
Specializations: Mobile Robotics, Senosr Fusion, Computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence

Bernal, Diego
Associate Professor of Biology (2005)
BS 1995 Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, PhD 2002 Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
Specializations: Animal physiology, energetics, thermoregulation, stress-responses.

Bhowmick, Sankha
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2002)
BE 1992 Jadavpur University, MS 1996 Villanova University, PhD 2000 University of Minnesota
Specializations: Heat and mass transfer, bioengineering

Brigham, Christopher
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering (2014)
BS 1995 Villanova University, PhD 2006 Tufts University School of Medicine
Specialization: Biomanufacturing, genetic engineering of microorganisms, metabolic engineering, biopolymers, and microbial physiology.

Bromage, Erin
Associate Professor of Biology (2007)
BS 1999 James Cook University, PhD 2004 James Cook University
Specializations: Comparative Immunology, B cell Immunology, vaccine design, biosensors, monoclonal antibodies

Buck, John
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1996).
BS 1989 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MS 1991 MIT/WHOI Joint Program, PhD 1996 MIT/WHOI Joint Program
Specializations: Signal Processing, Acoustics, MRI

Cai, Shuowei
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (2005)
BS 1990, MS 1993, Nankai University, China, MS 1998, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, PhD 2001, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Specializations: Bioanalytical and biophysical chemistry, protein chemistry, drug formulation, and pharmaceutical biotechnology

Carreiro-Lewandowski, Eileen
Professor of Medical Laboratory Science (1981), BS 1975 Rhode Island College, Certified 1975 Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island School of Medical Technology, MS 1979 University of Kentucky
Specializations: clinical chemistry, biochemistry, laboratory regulation

Chalivendra, Vijaya
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2004), BS 1993 Sri Venkateswara University, MS 1997 Sri Venkateswara University, Ph.D. 2003 University of Rhode Island
Specializations: Nano-characterization of Scaffold materials, Hydro gels & Biological materials;Mechanical characterization of functionally graded bio-implants

Drew, Robert E
Assistant Professor of Biology (2009)
BS 1994, Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, MS 1997, Washington State University, PhD 2006, Washington State University
Specializations: Genomics and quantitative genetics, domestication of fish

Fan, Qinguo
Professor of Bioengineering (1998)
BS 1982, MS 1988, Dong Hua University, Shanghai, China, PhD 1995, University of Leeds, UK
Specializations: Material chemistry, Coloration, Chemical analysis, Polymers

Ferreira, Tracie - Co-Director
Associate Professor of Bioengineering (2005)
BA 1990 Wheaton College, PhD 1996 Georgetown University
Specializations: Craniofacial development, developmental biology, tissue regeneration

Fowler, Alex J
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1994), BA 1987 Wesleyan University, PhD 1993 Duke University
Specializations: Fluid flow in porous media, heat transfer, thermodynamics, bioengineering/ biomaterials

Guo, Maolin - Co-Director
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (2003), BSc 1989, MSc 1992 Shanxi University, PhD 2002 University of Edinburh
Specializations: Biochemical processes, drug design

Hable, Whitney
Associate Professor of Biology (2004), BA 1990 University of Virginia, PhD 1996 University of Arizona
Specializations:  Molecular, cellular and developmental biology, marine biology

Heryudono, Alfa
Associate Professor of Mathematics
BS 2000 University of Indonesia, 2002, MS Southern Illinois University, 2008, PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Delaware
Specializations: Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Tear Film Simulations

Hou, Harvey
Assistant Professor of Chemistry (2006) BS 1984 Wuhan University, PhD 1993 Peking University
Specializations: Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Solar Energy Catalysis and Nanotechnology, Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins, Cranberry Plant Biology

Huang, Wenzhen
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2004), BS 1982 Jilin University, MS 1984 Shanghai Jiaotong University, PhD 1987 Shanghai Jiaotong University, PhD 2004 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Specializations:Quality Control in Micro/Nano/Bio Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation of Complex Manufacturing Systems, Metrology and Big Data Analysis, Quality Engineering and Applied Statistics, Bioinformatics and Biosystem Modeling

Kavanagh, Kathryn
Associate Professor of Biology (2009)
PhD 1998 James Cook University, Postdoctoral studies: Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology; University of Helsinki’s Institute of Biotechnology; Harvard Medical School, Department of Genetics. Specializations: Evolutionary developmental biology, organogenesis, comparative vertebrate embryology, larval fish biology, ecology, and evolution

Mello, Charlene
Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering/ Biochemistry(2007)
BS 1987 University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, PhD 1991 University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Specializations: Protein/Peptide chemistry, interfacing biologicals with non-biological materials, fiber spinning of structural proteins, antimicrobial mechanisms, phage display, biosensing and SPR

Neto, Catherine C
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (1995)
BS 1983 Southeastern Massachusetts University (UMass Dartmouth), PhD 1987 Brown University. Specializations: Antioxidants, anticancer, and antimicrobial agents in cranberries and other plant sources, structure and mechanisms of bioactivity, purification and structure elucidation of natural products, effects of agricultural practices on phytochemical content in fruits, food science, chemical education in the organic laboratory.

O’Connor, Nancy
Professor of Biology (1993), BS Southern Massachusetts University, MS University of Delaware, PhD North Carolina State University
Specializations: Chemical and physical cues for molting of larval crustaceans, non-indigenous marine species, biofouling

Payton, Karen L
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1989), BS 1977 Carnegie-Mellon University, MSEE 1981, PhD 1986 The Johns Hopkins University
Specializations: Digital signal processing, speech processing, speech acoustics, auditory perception

Rajaniemi, Tara
Associate Professor of Biology (2004)
BA 1995 Florida State University, PhD 2001 University of Michigan. Specializations: plant community ecology, coastal dunes and salt marshes

Rasapalli, Sivappa
Associate Professor of Chemistry (2008), PhD 2003 National Chemical Laboratory
Specializations: Total Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Biomaterials for Bioengineering

Scarano, Frank
Professor of Medical Laboratory Science (1998)
BA 1986 Alfred University, MS, PhD 1990, 1993 Albany Medical College
Specializations: Clinical microbiology, molecular epidemiology, molecular diagnostics, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, and microbiology education

Turner, Jeff
Chancellor Professor of Biology (1995)
BS 1969 Guilford College, MA 1972 University of South Florida, PhD 1977 Texas A&M University. Specializations: Biological Oceanography, Marin Plankton Ecology, Biogeography

Valova, Iren T
Professor of Computer Information Science
PhD 1997 Tokyo Institute of Technology. Specializations: neural networks, data mining, brain functionality modeling

Vasudev, Milana C. 
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering (2014)
BE 2003 Visweswaraiah Technological University, MS 2006, PhD 2010, University of Illinois at Chicago.
Specialization: Biomimetic nanomaterials, synthesis and modification of nanostructures, self-assembled biomolecular networks, real-time biological sensors, and nanobioelectronics.

Wang, Honggang
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.E. 1996 Southwest Jiaotong University, China, M.S. 2001 Southwest Jiaotong University, Ph.D. 2009 University of Nebraska - Lincoln.
Specializations: Wearable computing, Body sensor networks, Wireless Health and e-health, Multimedia communications, Wireless networks, Cyber-Physical system, Big Data

Yang, Chen-Lu
Research Engineer and Adjunct Professor (2002)
BS Chemical Engineering 1984 Fengchia University, Taiwan, MS Environmental Science 1990 New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ; PhD Chemical Engineering (1994) New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ. Specializations: Biochemical engineering, bioseparation, environmental engineering, electrochemical technology

Zuo, Yuegang
Professor of Chemistry and Marine Science and Technology (1999)
BS 1982 Wuhan University, China, MS 1984 Chinese Academy of Science, PhD 1992 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Specializations:Analytical chemistry: separation, identification, and utilization of naturally occuring antioxidants and biopolymers; environmental chemistry, endocrinology, marine chemistry and photochemistry