Haiping Xu


Xu Concurrent Software Systems Research Group http://www.cis.umassd.edu/%7Ehxu/

Principal Investigator: Haiping Xu <contact/web info>

This group performs research activities in modeling, design, development, and analysis of concurrent software systems, including parallel and distributed computing systems. This includes research in distributed software engineering, formal methods, flexible manufacturing systems, workflow management systems, web services, and multi-agent systems. The research work in distributed software engineering covers many topics related to requirements specification and analysis, architecture design, verification and validation. Areas of focus include design and analysis methods for distributed object systems, parallel algorithms, multi-agent software, performance metrics for concurrency models, and techniques and tools for testing of concurrent software systems. Research related to multi-agent systems focuses on model-based agent development and agent-oriented software engineering. Some specific research issues in this area include formal specification and prototyping of multi-agent systems; model-based development of agent-oriented software, including design and implementation of software agents; and real-world applications of agent technology. Please contact the PI directly for available opportunities.