Mogawer Pavement Research Group

Principal Investigator: Walaa Mogawer <contact/web info>

This group is involved in the research and design of different types of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), Superpave technology, Polymer modified asphalt mixes, pavement design, and pavement management. In addition to the HMA design and analysis, the group is involved in testing and evaluating the performance of different types of HMA using the simple performance test, servo-hydraulic systems, and Accelerated Pavement Testing devices (APT) such as Asphalt Pavement Analyzer, French Rut Tester, Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device, Model Mobile Load Simulator, and the Accelerated Loaded Testing Facility (ALF). The group is actively working on several research projects funded by MassHighway, New England Transportation Consortium (NETC), and National Science Foundation (NSF). Please contact the PI directly for available opportunities.