Zarrillo Traffic Engineering Research Group

Principal Investigator: Marguerite Zarrillo <contact/web info>

This research group has expertise in the development and application of Intelligent Transportation Systems to surface transport. The group has created Decision Support Systems (DSS) for the Florida state DOT and the Florida Turnpike Authority. They have also developed Fleet Tracking DSSs using satellite wireless technology for the NBCA, the CCAV and UMD’s campus DartVan. Their hybrid micro-macrosimulation models, TPModel, TPQueue, TPCC, TNCC, and SHAKER estimate queue length and delay and have been deployed on DSSs containing logistic and reporting tools. In particular, SHAKER, was applied to toll collection facilities and is used in the analysis of their impact on traffic operations. Their latest model, HighSim, predicts the speed-density and volume-density plots of traffic flow on uninterrupted flow highways based on vehicle and driver characteristics. Please contact the PI directly for available opportunities.