Tandon Physical Oceanography Research Group

Principal Investigator: Amit Tandon <contact/web info>

This group uses knowledge of Fluid Mechanics and Physical Oceanography to address myriad of problems involving mixing processes in the upper ocean. They use analytical and numerical modeling to address the importance of mixing and mixed layer processes for ocean circulation and climate. The group's research interests span from small- scale turbulence and oceanic mixed- layer processes, to sub-mesoscale frontal gradients and mesoscale eddies, and their role in setting up the large scale balances in the ocean. Research publications of the group have involved processes in oceanic mixed layers and submesoscale eddies, their role in water mass formation and parameterization of mesoscale processes for their direct impact on problems of Climate interest. In addition to the National Science Foundation, these projects are also funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and NASA. Please contact the PI directly for available opportunities.