Fluid Dynamics Lab

The fluid dynamics lab has equipment for studying liquid jets, a water flow tank, A wind tunnel and equipment to study pressure drops in flow through pipes. This lab is shared between our department and the Civil Engineering Department.

Water pump stationsWater pump stations

The fluid dynamics lab is one of our largest labs. The device in the picture allows students to measure flow rates and pressures of liquid jets.

Venturi meterCalibration of a Venturi Meter

Students measure pressure drop as the fluid passes through a variable area channel (a Venturi channel) and relate this pressure drop to mass flow rate. Using this data they can calibrate the Venturi channel so that it can be used to measure flow rates.

Pipe networkPressure drop in a pipe network

Students evaluate the drop in a network of pipes. From this pressure data they can evaluate the friction in the pipes by using the Colebrook and White formula.

Friction in a single pipe

Students measure the pressure drop in a brass pipe and evaluate the friction factor using Darcy's equation. They then can compare their findings with the friction factor predicted in the Moody diagram.