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Access from off-campus or from wireless (UMASSD) must be made through a VPN connection. Please visit for VPN setup.


VPN connection:

Installing and Configuring VPN for Windows, Mac and Linux:
VPN server to connect to is

If you have trouble getting the VPN setup to work, contact IT Services for Students at (508-999-8884).


ssh, secure shell may be used for interactive sessions
sftp secure ftp may be used for file transfer

Tunnelier, a windows client free for individual use is available for download from:

included are both an ssh and sftp client


set Host to
set Username to your UMASSD username (this must be entered as all lowercase letters)
set Initial method to keyboard-interactive


/home/username        (linux share)
/U/username           (U: University drive 1GB)
/Z/username           (Z: Eng share 4GB)
/class                (M: Class drive)