Approximately 9,000 undergraduates attend the University of Massachusetts, less than a thousand of which are engineering students. The mechanical engineering department, one of the largest in the College of Engineering at UMass Dartmouth, is comprised of approximately 300 students and 11 highly qualified faculty members. UMass Dartmouth's ASME student section members include about 30 undergraduate students and an industry advisor. It is our goal to have all undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering students be active members in the ASME.


ASME PowerPoint Presentation on Members Benefits



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Executive Committee

There are many leadership opportunities available, providing leadership experience that is unmatched. Being a member of the Executive Committee requires commitment and a special drive needed to keep the chapter moving forward. Members of the UMASSD ASME executive committee are elected each year by members of the organization.

List of Officers

Officer, Committee Chairs, & Advisor Duties

Section Advisor

  • Ensures faculty support of the student section
  • Encourages professors to promote membership and participation
  • Attends all meetings, lectures and conferences when possible
  • Speaks on behalf of the section at special events
  • Sign and mail all student member applications
  • Forwards information from national and regional offices to student section
  • Assists in organization of contests and projects


  • Organization and successful operation of student section
  • Schedule and preside over officer meetings
  • Make announcements at programs
  • Attend corporate & department functions
  • Gives presentations at all open houses and MNE orientations
  • Serve as main contact with MNE faculty, Providence section, and student section
  • Delegate responsibilities to section officers and committees
  • Ensure smooth turnover of section officers

Vice Chair

  • Serves as Chair when necessary
  • Arrange details related to meetings, lectures, tours & programs
  • Arrange details for Senior Section functions
  • Assists to compile & distribute loan, scholarship & member information


  • Maintains all accounts organized and balanced
  • Files all monthly financial reports to student senate
  • Submits yearly budget request to student senate
  • Fills out all purchase order requests
  • Submits all financial forms for programs and events (reimbursements, fees, etc)
  • Files annual report to the International ASME Field Office


  • Maintains records of the student section
  • Documents and distributes all Meeting Minutes
  • Updates all address changes and contact with graduating members
  • Ensures roster and email listing is up to date
  • Works to compile & distribute loan, scholarship & member information

Other Positions:


  • Fill out and submit monthly reports (15’th of the month following the one it is for)
  • Update Section of pertinent rules and objectives
  • Ensure maximum points are gained by the section
  • Provide ideas to earn points

Membership Chair

  • Arranges presentations for freshman classes
  • Administers "Student Member Get a Member" program
  • Make member benefits aware to all students
  • Create and distribute flyers for all meetings and events
  • Keep displays up to date

Sponsorship Chair

  • Creates sponsorship proposals for potential sponsors
  • Obtains approval for publication from section chairs & faculty
  • Seeks out new sponsorship opportunities
  • Point of contact between sponsors and student sections
  • Writes thank you letters and sends out benefit packages

Design Competition Chair

  • Maintain list of possible design competitions – National, Regional, Local, Section
  • Create rules and regulations for small design competitions
  • Keep members informed of important deadline dates
  • Provide section with printed rules and regulations

High School Programs Chair

  • Create contacts with local high schools and junior high schools
  • Set up joint projects with the schools
  • Ensure programs for National Engineering Week
  • Distribute information about engineering and engineering careers to advisors

Website & Technology

  • Create content for the section website
  • Update information on the website weekly
  • Maintain office computer
  • Determine and set up all equipment for meetings & lectures


  • Publish 3 Newsletters per semester (min. 1 page)
  • Provide at least one article for the Torch per semester