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I would like to welcome everyone to the new website for the ASME. The new web site has a brand new look and is much more functional for the user. The general site has not been updated in recent history and is in the works to have all news and events for the organization posted in a central location allowing all students, staff, and sponsors to find information and updates easily.

It is our mission for the ASME to become the premier student organization on the UMD campus. Dedicated to serving the students of UMD and the surrounding community we strive to improve the educational experience by providing real world experiences that enhance classroom learning. Today's graduating students cannot afford to be one-dimensional, and that's why we are continuously developing programs that provide student members with a chance for unlimited growth. We create and participate in programs allowing for individual growth with problem solving, critical analysis, design, project scheduling, time management, and leadership. We are dedicated to providing an atmosphere that promotes teamwork and service to the community. The end result is a well-rounded, balanced education.

Upcoming Monthly Events

Listing of Monthly Events from the Events Calendar w/ Dates, Times & Locations

Weekly Reports

Check this page weekly to see the new progress with current projects.