The UMD Mini Baja is an extracurricular educational and sports association with no intrinsic income source. Financial sponsors of Umassd ASME will help support costs of traveling expenses, shop upkeep, fuel, tires and other related competition costs. By sponsoring the Umassd ASME Teams you are not only supporting your local community, but you are promoting your business by reaching regional, national, and international audiences.

It is proven with the outcome of each design competition that the success of the team is directly related to the financial resources and sponsorship received. Our goal for upcoming years is to improve our winning record a nd build a close working relationship with our corporate sponsors.

Sponsor Info Package

By its very nature, the racing industry at any level is expensive to participate in and support. In order to maintain operation at a competitive level, race teams look to businesses and corporations to provide financial support. UMD Mini Baja is a University related organization and, as a result, all sponsorship donations are tax-exempt. Unique advertisement resources are available to companies that participate in sponsoring UMD Mini Baja. To learn more please send a request to umassdasme@umassd.edu for a full sponsorship package, or view the Sponsor Package in PDF format online using the following link.

Sponsor Package File

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