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Boston Business Journal award

Physics Alumnus Yong Zhang ( was selected as one of The Boston Business Journal's 2007 40-under-40 winners.

Physics graduates who have become faculty members

  • Shiao-bai Ai — Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai
  • Paul Eugenio — Florida State University
  • Ed King — University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Gerald Lemay — Electrical and Computer Engineering, Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Linghong Li — Middle Tennessee State University
  • Hui Lu — University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Shou-Yong Pei — Beijing Normal University
  • Dominik A. Schneble — State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Gunar Schnell - Professor of Physics at Bilbao (Spain) and spokesperson of the Hermes collaboration at DESY in Hamburg
  • Ling-jun Wang — University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Hao Xin — Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Univ. of Arizona

Physics Alumni at Nobel Prize Ceremony

UMass Dartmouth alumnus Chagaan Baatar (Chagarn Whan, '88; from Beijing Normal Univ.) was invited by Profs. A. Geim and K. Novoselov, last year's Nobel Prize winners (2010) in Physics, as their guest at the ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

Physics Alumni at 2010 Nobel Physics ceremony.  Left to right: Andre Geim,  Chagaan Baatar (alumni) and Konstantin Novoselov. 
left to right: A. Geim,  C. Baatar and K. Novoselov

Chagaan, Program Officer in the Office of the Naval Research (ONR), was an advocate and supporter of graphene research since the early days. He provided critical ONR sponsorship of Geim and Novoselov’s research on graphene, an amazing carbon compound with the incredible electronic properties and mechanical strength.

Chagaan said: ‘ONR is pretty good at giving program officers the freedom and discretion at choosing research directions and projects (there are limits, obviously). I did have colleagues give friendly advice that graphene is "all hype".’

Physics Alumni at 2010 Nobel Physics ceremony.  Photo of Andre Geim accepting award. Physics Alumni at 2010 Nobel Physics ceremony. Alumni Chagaan Baatar at ceremony.
A. Geim accepting award C. Baatar at ceremony

 Regarding the ceremony, he said: “I was honored to be invited by the laureates, Profs. Geim and Novoselov. It was a unique, perhaps once in a lifetime, experience for me, and I will always treasure the memory. In addition to the two laureates, there were two more past Nobelists - Prof. Klaus von Klitzing of Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart and Prof. Frank Wilczek of MIT, among the guests.”