Master's and PhD Theses in Physics

In Progress

Mike DeSousa
High-Accuracy Simulations of Extreme Mass-Ratio Black Hole Binaries (Gaurav Khanna)

Gary Forrester
Gravitational Wave Emission from Black Hole Binary Systems (Gaurav Khanna)

Eric Holmes
Simulations of submesoscale ocean eddies coupled with baroclinicity below (Amit Tandon)


Rita Roy
MS Thesis Title: Investigation of metro errors on machine tool calibration using extrapolation methods (Grant O’Rielly)

Kathryn E. St. Laurent
MS Thesis Title: Short duration microlensing events (Robert Fisher)


Sudip Majumder
PhD Thesis Title: The importance of near-inertial motions for the Arabian Sea and the South Eastern Pacific (Amit Tandon)

Sung Hoon Kim
PhD Thesis Title: Investigation of the Graviton Self-Energy with General Gauge in Yang-Mills Gravity (Jong-Ping Hsu and Jay Wang)

Bindeshwar Sah
MS Thesis Title: Unitarity of the S-Matrix in Yang-Mills Gravity (Jong-Ping Hsu)

Hawra Al-Ghasham
MS Graduate Project: Calculation of phase shifts in potential scattering (Jay Wang)

Pradip Niraula
Graduate Project: Interpolation and approximation using radial basis functions (Jay Wang)

David Denny
MS Graduate Project: Simulation of 2D Gaussian Double-Slit Experiment  (Jay Wang)

Brett Marmaras
MS Thesis Title: Simulations of quantum and classical systems with symplectic methods (Jay Wang)


Michael Doro DeSousa
Incorporation and analysis of spin to EMRIs (Gaurav Khanna)

Brandon E. Green
The design, construction, and numerical modeling of a new wave-energy converter technology (Amit Tandon)

Suoqing Ji
The post-merger magnetized evolution of white dwarf binaries (Robert Fisher)


Lori Kinsman-Smith
Photometric transit study of exoplanets and eclipsing binaries (Grant O’Rielly)

Xianqin Yao
Shallow mixed layer simulations inspired by 2010 LATMIX oceanographic test cruise dataset (Amit Tandon)


David Falta
Gravitational Waves from Type Ia Supernovae (Robert Fisher)

Matthew Hogan
On the Question of Cosmic Recall in Quantum Cosmology (Gaurav Khanna)

Avinash Kumar
The Astrochemical Evolution of Turbulent Giant Molecular Clouds: Physical Processes and Method of Solution for Hydrodynamic Starless Clouds (Robert Fisher)

Sudip Majumder
A Statistical Analysis Of The Ocean Transition Layer Using The Arabian Sea Mooring (Amit Tandon)

Neda Masoud
Determination of Factors that Affect the Shape of the Traffic Fundamental Flow Diagram Using a New Simulation Approach (Marguerite Zarrillo)


Pradip Basnet
The Astrochemical Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds: Shock Dynamics and Gas-Grain Interactions (Robert Fisher)

Rakesh Ginjupalli
High-Precision Numerical Simulations of Rotating Black Holes Accelerated by CUDA (Gaurav Khanna)


Wenjun Hou
Water Use Sensitivity Analysis as it Applies to Cranberry Bogs in Southeastern Massachusetts (Chen-Lu Yang, ATMC)

Lay Wai Kong
Design of Microfluidic Sensors (Jay Wang)

Joshua Liberty
Consequences of Loop Quantum Gravity corrections in Big Bang Cosmology (Gaurav Khanna)

Subir Sabharawal
Feynman Rules and Energy-Momentum Tensor in Yang-Mills Gravity (Jong-Ping Hsu/Gaurav Khanna)

Emanuel Simon
Numerical Solutions to Lattice-Refined Models in Loop Quantum Cosmology (Gaurav Khanna)

Danielle Tinkham
Defining the Transition Layer Based on Ocean Mooring Data (Amit Tandon)