List of Scholarships



Estimated Award

Anderson Memorial Scholarship To assist a junior or senior in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need. $485.00
John I. Babbitt Scholarship For juniors with high GPA and who demonstrate financial need.  $2435.00
Bertram Berger Memorial Scholarship For undergraduate junior or senior Civil and Environmental Engineering students. This is a need and merit based scholarship with need taking priority. Financial need as well as academic and leadership achievement will be considered.  Students entering their junior year shall apply for the scholarship in the second semester of their sophomore year, and students entering their senior year shall apply in the second semester of their junior year.   $265.00
Cranston Foundation For entering students or students currently enrolled in the Bioengineering program. Varies
Raymond F. Curry Memorial Scholarship For full-time entering freshman student from the greater Fall River area majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Based on financial need and merit.   $1088.00
Henry F. Cygan Memorial Scholarship To provide assistance for an undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering with demonstrated financial need.  $1016.00
Edmund Dupre Scholarship Entering freshmen or upper-class student in good academic standing in the Department of Bioengineering.  $335.00
Charles W. Fifield Jr. Co., Inc Scholarship Fund For graduate or undergraduate UMD students in the department of Bioengineering. Award decisions are based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need.  $5852.00
Lucie & Lorraine Goulet Memorial Scholarship Fund For an undergraduate or graduate student who is involved in activities of the UMD Center for Rehabilitation Engineering.  $739.00
Joseph Houth Scholarship For graduate or undergraduate students in the department of Bioengineering. Varies
Dr. W. John Howard Scholarship Two awards are made to (i) upper-class computer science major and (ii) upper class engineering major who graduated from New Bedford High School or New Bedford Vocational Technical School.  $260.00 each
Everett S. Johnson Scholarship For juniors with high GPA and who demonstrate financial need.  $914.00
Brenda Karnasiewicz-Freese Scholarship For a full-time junior or senior student in the College of Engineering, with preference given to a female majoring in electrical engineering with a minimum GPA of 2.75. Student must also demonstrate financial need.  $2282.00
Gertrude M. Keigher Memorial Scholarship Fund For a UMD undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in either an Engineering degree (odd years) or a Mathematics degree (even years). Must have demonstrated financial need.  $628.00
Albert Malick Scholarship To assist a junior or a senior matriculated student in Biongineering with demonstrated financial need.  $885.00
Gene & Ruth Mogilnicki Scholarship For a full-time, matriculated student in the College of Engineering. Preference will be given to students with financial need and who are involved in extra-curricular activities on campus.  $888.00
Gerhard Neumann - C.L. Chang Scholarship For a master's degree candidate in the Department of Computer & Information Science based on demonstrated financial need and merit, with emphasis on need.  $1575.00
Scarpitti Scholarship For an undergraduate or graduate student matriculated in a College of Engineering degree. Preference given to those students of Italian heritage.  $1084.00
William F. Sullivan Scholarship For a Bioengineering major in good academic standing.  $878.00
A. Ira Tepper Scholarship For a junior or senior Bioengineering major with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above.  $445.00
Textile Veterans Association Scholarship For an undergraduate or graduate student in the Department of Bioengineering.  $100.00
Robert W. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Students from greater New Bedford area in the College of Engineering pursuing a bachelor's degree in any field of engineering, with preference given to those pursuing a course of study leading to a career in facilities engineering.  $1593.00
Professor Allan L. Campbell Civil Engineering Award For the highest ranking graduate in civil engineering department.   $194.00
Lester Cory Scholarship To provide scholarship assistance to a deserving UMass Dartmouth student(s).  The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of need first and scholastic achievement second.  Preference is for a sophomore or junior majoring in computer engineering.  $631.00
Ronald DiPippo Excellence in Thermodynamics Award A meritourious Mechanical Engineering student in his/her senior year.  The prize recognizes and honors a mechanical engineering student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in basic and applied thermodynamics courses.  $200.00
Sean D. Duarte Scholarship A merit scholarship to support a sophomore, junior or senior Civil Engineering student with demonstrated financial need.  Eligible applicants must have a 3.2 or higher gpa and must be involved in one of the University's STEM initiatives with local public schools.  $1000.00
Brian Franconi Smith Prize For a student who has an interest in computing as a discipline, an interest and demonstrated ability in using computer systems to solve problems, an enthusiasm for learning, and is pursuing computing from both a technical and social level.  $572.00
Robert M. Melendes To support undergraduate students who demonstrate a gift for the study of physics and to provide a living memorial to Robert Arnold Melendes.  $3000.00
Regina Rheault Scholarship For an outstanding female student majoring in electrical or computer engineering  $160.00
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Scholarship For a female student majoring in science, mathematics of engineering.  $209.00
Donald Watson Scholarship To support a student in his/her junior year who is majoring in the fields of Engineering and Science including Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Bioengineering and/or Physics.  Preference will be given to the student who displays a passionate desire to succeed in the above areas, shows outstanding leadership qualities, as well as outstanding communication skills.  Their passion to succeed can be demonstrated by maintaining a 3.0 (or higher) grade point average or by demonstrating an outstanding work ethic be in through the university's co-op program or other work program.  The candidate should also demonstrate his/her outstanding communication skills by writing a one-page essay of his/her accomplishments as a leader, team player and work ethics.  Other considerations include financial need or the loss of a parent to cancer.  This scholarship is renewable based on the student's academic performance and co-op experience.  $3000.00
Dean's Scholarship The award is made to a full-time student majoring in one of the undergraduate degree programs offered by the College of Engineering.  The award is typically $1,000, but will vary depending upon the earnings of the endowment.  The selection committee will consider academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, work experience, financial need, and professional goals.  $1000.00
Tacy Scholarship For a female student majoring in Engineering with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The student must have demonstrated financial need and must be a resident of Southeastern Massachusetts.  $1000.00
Mata Sugni Devi Scholarship To assist a sophomore electrical engineering major with an extremely high need. (See Financial Aid webpage for Need-based Scholarship Application)  Varies
Hank Walker Scholarship assachusetts resident and citizen or permanent resident of the United States with demonstrated financial need enrolled full-time in an engineering, med lab sciences or nursing degree program.

Preference will be given to veterans of the US Armed Forces and returning students after an absence of at least five years and has completed at least 24-credit hours of satisfactory work.

Scholarship is renewable for a limit of five academic years of receipt as long as recipient continues to meet eligibility requirements and has a GPA of at least 3.0. If a student falls below 3.0 and above 2.5 for two consecutive semesters, student is no longer eligible for the scholarship. (See Financial Aid webpage for Need-based Scholarship Application)

Louis and Margaret Simeone Scholarship The Louis and Margaret Simeone Scholarship is open to all matriculated engineering (even years) and mathematics (odd years) undergraduate students at UMass Dartmouth with demonstrated financial need who maintain a 3.2 GPA.  Award decisions shall be made on the basis of demonstrated academic and/or professional accomplishments. (Application is available in the Office of Finacial Aid and completed applications should be returned to the Office of Finacial Aid.)
The Harold R. Bannister Fund For assistance to students on textile technology, prefereably from the greater Fall River area Varies
McCoy Family Endowed Scholarship in Bioengineering To support a sophomore, junior or senior bioengineering student with demonstrated financial need. Eligible applicatns must have at least 3.2 grade point average and have an established interest in a field of study with emerging bioengineering or biomedical careers narionally and regionally. Preference will be given to female bioengineering majors based on demonstrated financial need and merit.