Master of Science in Nursing

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Concentration in Global Public Health program plan

Summer prior to Year 1  

  • NUR 605 Statistical Analysis Data (3cr)—Course offered during Summer Session only

Fall Year 1 

  • NUR 500 Theoretical Foundations for Advancing Nursing Practice  (3cr) 
  • NUR 520 The US Health Care Delivery System (3cr) 

Spring Year 1

  • NUR 511 Translating Research Evidence for Advancing Nursing Practice  (3cr)
  • NUR 547 Promoting the Health of Populations (3cr)  

Fall Year 2

  • NUR 540 Principles of Biostatics and Epidemiology (3cr)
  • NUR 510 Healthcare Informatics (3cr)    

Spring Year 2 

  • NUR 512 Integrated Physiologic Knowledge in Patient Care (3cr)  
  • NUR 673 Global Health Perspectives (3cr) 

Fall Year 3

  • NUR 615 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Healthcare  (3cr)  
  • NUR 681 Program Planning for Nursing Practice (3cr)  

Spring Year 3 

  • NUR 684 Practicum in Global Public Health Nursing Practice (3cr) 
  • Elective (3cr)  
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