Online Readiness Survey

The following survey will help you make an informed decision about whether online learning is right for you. Track your responses to the statements below in the following terms:

  • Not at all
  • Sometimes
  • Frequently
  • Most of the time
  • Yes or No (as indicated)

Please rate your responses to the following statements:

1. I am a self-disciplined learner and able to set aside reading and assignment time outside of class and meet deadlines without reminders.

2. I am a self-motivated, independent learner who doesn't need to be in a traditional classroom in order to learn.

3. I am comfortable working independently and do not feel the need for constant interaction with my instructor.

4. I am comfortable communicating with others in writing using electronic formats such as email, discussion boards, and blogs.

5. I am able to navigate the internet, follow links from web page to web page easily, and find useful information.

6. I have a reliable internet connection. (yes or no)

7. I am able to access the Internet at least 3-4 times per week for my classes.

8. I have a computer that meets these Technical Requirements. (yes or no)

9. I am willing to contact my instructor when I have trouble understanding course content or need an assignment clarified for me.

10. I know how to attach a file to an email message. (yes or no)

11. I am comfortable downloading and uploading files, using programs, and installing software when needed on my computer.

12. I have a microphone built into my computer or I am able to connect a microphone to my computer. (yes or no)

13. I am able to play audio and video files on my computer. (yes or no)

If the answer to the majority of questions is “frequently”, “most of the time” and/or "yes":

You are prepared to complete a course successfully online, but you might want to brush up on a few skills such as time management, keeping to deadlines, and using the internet to communicate effectively with others.

The key to online learning success is self-discipline and motivation and "speaking up" by asking questions when you have them.

If the answer to the majority of questions is "not at all", "sometimes" and/or "no":

Online learning is a new learning environment for many students.

Successful online learning requires you to be comfortable with your computer, internet navigation and communication online. You may benefit from transitioning into online learning by first completing a blended course, which provides a combination of face to face and online meetings.

Or, if you still want to pursue your online options, check out our Online Orientation to learn more about how an online course works and the skills you need to succeed online.

For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.




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