Institutional Review Board

First Last Dept Council Term Ends
Appointed by the Senate
Jennifer Mulnix* Philosophy Dept HUM May-18
Marilyn Asselin* Adult and Child Nursing NUR May-18
Elizabeth Richardson* Psychology Dept SSCI May-18
Frank Scarano* Med Laboratory Science Dept NSCI May-19
Appointed by the Chancellor
Cathy Neto** Chemistry SSCI  
Kristen Sethares** Nursing NUR  
Steve White** Management and Marketing CCB  
Andrea Klimt** Sociology/Anthropology SSCI  
Nancy  Manchester** Community Representative    
Justine Dunlap** Prisoner Representative    

Committee Charge

An Institutional Review Board is established for the purpose of protecting the rights of human subjects.
The IRB will operate in a manner consistent with the requirements of federal law and regulations.

It will be composed of nine (9) members as follows: four (4) designated by the Faculty Senate and five (5) designated by the Chancellor. Of these five (5), one must not be affiliated with the University of Massachusetts. There must always be one such member.

Each member is to have a 3‐year term which may be renewable.

The terms of the nine (9) members are to be staggered so that no more than three (3) terms terminate concurrently.