Our Services: Procedure for Requesting Planning and Design Services



The purpose of this procedure is to organize space planning and design within campus buildings to ensure that space standards are uniformly adopted, that building code and life safety codes are uniformly met, that space is equitably assigned, that space allocations are recorded accurately on university databases, and that the university expends its building planning resources on our highest priority facility needs.


This procedure covers all planning affecting the construction or demolition of walls or doors; acquisition of additional space, surrender of unneeded assigned space, changes in the functional use of space; revisions to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire detection, fire suppression, or structural infrastructure; and major changes of finish materials or significant furniture purchases. All hiring decisions and grant applications should be reviewed for implied or express commitments of facilities revisions and, if they occur, a request for Planning and Design Services should be immediately forwarded.

Replacement of flooring with similar flooring materials or the miscellaneous acquisition of additional or replacement office furniture is exempt from this process. Reassignments of office space within a department or college or reassignments of lab space within a department or college are also exempt but the Dean or Department Head making such reassignments should notify Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects when such arrangements are made so that accurate university databases can be maintained.

Initiating a Request for Planning and Design Services

When a space planning need is identified, the Department Head must initiate a request for space planning and design services. The Department Head should, if feasible, suggest a solution, draw sketches of proposed arrangements, and/or comment on any known constraints or necessities. In all cases, any contemplated changes in major equipment involving electrical loads, mechanical loads, structural loads, plumbing or gas connections, fire detection or fire suppression must be delineated quantitatively. Proposed funding to cover the implementation of the plan should be defined.

The Department Head is required to obtain the written concurrence of the Provost or Vice Chancellor on the request and forward it to the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects. The Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Master Planning | Capital Projects will assign the request to a Staff Manager for processing.

The Staff Manager from CMP|CP will work with the requestor to develop a Plan Proposal Document with recommendations as previously defined.