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Current Projects

Bookstore/Package Center Renovations

July 2018-November 2018: Carved out approximately 1,800 square feet of space from the existing bookstore to create a new student package center, campus mailroom, and student print center. A new electronic automated package pick-up center is located outside of this new space. New walls, paint, carpet, storefront entry, service counters, card access.

Liberal Arts Generator Project

August 2018–February 2019: Installation of a new 150kW gas-fired backup generator on the roof of the LARTs building and the demolition/removal of the old diesel generator from the LARTS basement.

Law School Ventilation

October 2018–December 2018: Project will include the replacement of (10) existing rooftop HVAC units and misc roof repairs.

Future Projects


Nov 2018–Fall 2020

Completed Projects

Dion 203: College of Nursing Clinical Skills Laboratory

  • 1,700 square feet
  • 9 beds
  • Medium-fidelity manikins, task-trainers, and state of the art clinical equipment and teaching technology.
  • Enlarged and existing space to accommodate both teaching and training into one room with lecture capability. The room set-top is flexible to allow for various teaching strategies. New walls added, new med room and storage closet was created. Installed new beds, manikins, curtains and drapery, blinds, flooring, furniture, technology with 80" TV, hands-free sinks, entry door, card access.

May 2018-August 2018

SENG 201/207: Foundations of Engineering (IMPULSE) Labs

A complete refreshing of the space into a new teaching lecture hall space - new carpet, new walls and paint, new dimmable LED lighting, new blinds, new tiered tables and seating for 60, new data feeds, new technology - 30 new computers with new power data and charging stations, new teaching station with creation interface to new projectors.

  • 201: studio-style learning for introductory PHY and EGR courses
  • 207: 60-person virtual computing based classroom

Textiles Lab: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) lab

SENG Secure Research Lab

June 2017–August 2018

SENG 217: STEM Lab and Advising Center

A complete refreshing of the space - combined two rooms into one larger space with new carpet, paint, blinds, tables, chairs, technology, new data feeds, led lighting, whiteboards, and card access. 

  • 1,750 square feet
  • A capacity of 70 students
  • Computer stations

CVPA 259/263

Divided one room into two that was made into two rooms to accommodate CAD classrooms for new students from Mt Ida. New divider wall, 85" large screen TV's with, new teacher station and Crestron technology interface, new carpet, new whiteboard, paint, new blinds, new furniture, led lighting, new data feeds, card access along with the creation of a new data closet.

  • Two PC labs
  • Senior Studio
  • Shared studio space for model-making and 3D foundations

March 2016–December 2017


Construction of a new 65,000 square feet facility is complete and includes new instructional, research and office spaces for UMD's School of Marine Science and Technology and the Division of Marines Fisheries.

Spring 2016

Charlton Learning Pavilion

SMAST Expansion

LARTS Learning Commons

Main Quad Steam line Replacement and Accessible Landscape upgrades

Campus Center Book Store upgrades and Student Lounge

Other Upgrades

  • VIOL 206-208 Chemistry Research Labs
  • LARTS 104, 117
  • CVPA 153
  • Living Gallery sculpture garden
  • Athletic Fields: Baseball and Softball Field upgrades
  • VIOL 203 Chemistry Research Lab
  • VIOL 102/103 Chemical and Gas cylinder storage
  • Violette Electrical Upgrade
  • Violette Building Separation
  • Violette Sprinkler Installation

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