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Completed Projects


The campus has made tremendous progress on the projects prioritized

in the FY13 Capital Plan Update.


Claire T. Carney Library
Expansion & Renovation (FY13 #1): 

The highest priority project in the FY13 update has been completed.  The $46M state financed expansion and renovation has exceeded expectations and has received critical acclaim from both the University and architectural communities.  The library is at the very center of campus and has been completely transformed while preserving an existing structure.  The transformation is not

relegated to the facility itself but in how the library now functions.  It has become the center of student life as a gathering place that offers the opportunity to eat, socialize, independent study, group study and access to information technology resources.  Newly reclaimed spaces have allowed for increased programing for speakers and events.  This single project demonstrates what can be accomplished in what many believe to be an inflexible architectural style adding a modern vernacular to campus.

Tripp Athletic Center – Locker & Training Room Renovation (FY13 #13):  The $2M project reconfigured the locker and training rooms to accommodate an increasing number of students and providing Athletic team locker rooms.


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