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Advisement Information

Students recieve assistance from their academic advisors, and can go to the Academic Advising Center for special assistance (Administration Building room 008; 999-8455). For help locating your advisor you may go to the department office of your major field or to the Academic Advisement Center. Many freshmen recieve thier advising in the Advising Center.

Advising booklets or checklists: The academic departments and colleges will develop advising booklets or checklists to assist students in making course decisions wisely. The Academic Advising Center maintains complete sets of advising booklets and checklists from the different academic departments.

On-Course Degree Audit System: This computerized program allows advisors to assist students by means of an automated check system that tests the requirements for Gen Ed against the courses a student has completed. Advisors can monitor a student's progress in meetings Gen Ed requirements in those majors where on-course is current. For assistance, contact Paul Nolin, Registrar, 999-8618

Faculty may consult the following for advice on Gen Ed interpretation or to discuss issues: Richard Panofsky, Academic Affairs (999-8029); Sonja Peterson, General Education Director (999-8582); or an identified department or college faculty liaison.


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