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General Education Requirement "D" - Diversity

General Education Curriculum 
As approved by the General Education Committee on 10/27/04

Curriculum Standard

A three credit course in diversity, from the approved list.

Courses in this category will examine one or more diverse subcultures of the United States of America, focusing on selected contemporary examples. A subculture is a social group sharing values, behaviors, and a history that distinguishes it within the larger American society. Subcultures may be based on such factors as origins, race, religion, belief, class, gender, occupation, region, sexual orientation, age, or other factors. Students will be offered comparative perspectives on questions of cultural identity and will examine influences and practices that shape subcultures, contribute to American diversity, and identify American experience within the global community. The Diversity requirement is designed to help students become more aware of the social diversity that informs American life, and of some of the ways in which Americans are seen in other cultures and countries.


1. Students will understand one or more specific subcultures of the United States of America.

2. Students will understand terms and practices by which the subcultures identify.

3. Students will understand ways in which the subcultures are viewed by the larger American public.

4. Students will understand ways in which the subcultures help shape a view of Americans and American experience in the world outside the United States.


1. Students will be able to define the subcultures by describing their practices, values, and histories.

2. Students will be able to describe the ways in which the subcultures function within the larger American culture and contribute to American diversity.

3. Students will be able to understand diversity as a function of American identity.

4. Students will be able to understand how diversity contributes to the views that other societies have of Americans and American culture.


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