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General Education Requirement E - Ethics and Social Responsibility

General Education Curriculum 
As approved by the General Education Committee on 10/27/04

Curriculum Standard

A student will have met the requirement in the area of Ethics and Social Responsibility upon successful completion of:

  • One three-credit course which has a minimum of 12 hours of class content concerning ethics/social responsibility; OR
  • A department/college curriculum requirement which includes 12 lecture hours across the major, assigned readings, and evaluation criteria regarding ethics/social responsibility.

Courses in this category will examine the human value ideologies (ethical and moral systems and concepts) that are associated with societies, institutions, and individuals in the modern world. Students will be offered comparative perspectives on questions of value in human experience and will examine value ideologies in cultural, social, and/or personal contexts. The Ethics requirement is designed to help students improve their awareness of the values that inform their and others' choices and actions, and to develop students' abilities to understand and resolve problems and conflict in their personal and social lives.


1. Students will understand the moral and ethical causes and effects of personal choices, actions, and decisions.

2. Students will understand how contextual and experiential factors influence values and value systems.

3. Students will understand how personal values relate to larger social contexts.


1. Students will be able to compare value systems by examining their likely or actual influence upon specific situations to which people respond differently.

2. Students will be able to analyze how personal values affect communal experience, locally and beyond.

3. Students will be able to relate personal values to social responsibility.


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