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History of UMass Dartmouth Initiatives for General Education

DateGen Ed History
Fall 1995 Formation of six Ad Hoc Sub-Committees to develop curriculum design (C, E, G, I, M, W)
Spring 1997 Faculty Senate approved General Education program design; Administrative approval, General Education Committee began review & refinement of curriculum standards.
10/22/1997 Adoption of revised General Education Curriculum Standards and Administrative Procedures by Faculty Senate
11/19/1997 Provost initiative: "Request for General Education Course Development Proposals" (22 faculty received stipends)
February 1998 General Education Committee started reviewing course proposals.
September 1998 Gen Ed curriculum implemented with Freshmen (class of 2002).
May 1999 REcommendation by Gen Ed Committee: Establish Gen Ed Assessment Task Force which shall report to the Steering Committee of the Faculty Senate and be comprised of one representative from each of the 5 College Curriculum Committees, one representative for the Gen Ed Committee and a representative appointed by the Provost and approved by the Senate.
9/12/1999 Project Tams formed (Cultural & Artistic Literacy; Global Awareness & Diversity; Ethics & Social Responsibility; Math, Science & Technology)
January 2000 UMass Dartmouth Self-Study Report for New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC): "Outcome evaluation of achievement in the six categories is under development." (p. 29)
Spring 2000 Gen Ed Assessment Task Force "charged" for the purpose "to develop but not implement and assessment plan for the general education curriculum" (Members: Deborah Lee, Chair; John Carroll, Kathleen Elliot, Raymond Jackson, Susan Sullivan, Alton Wilson)
Fall 2000 University Planning Council's Focus Group on Outcomes Assessment met and drafted Introduction/Philosophy of University-wide assessment endeavor.
April 2001 Gen Ed Assessment Task Force: Presented recommendations and plan to Faculty Senate voted for development of pilot assessment in area of "Math, Science & Technology")
June 2001 Assessment workshop for 3 committees (Gen Ed, Assessment Task Force, Assessment Focus Groups) with presenters from ACT (CAAP Writing Test & Critical Thinking Test), EST *Academic Profile Essay), UMass Boston on Writing Proficiency Exam, and UMass Dartmouth College of Nursing's experience with California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory and California Critical Thinking SKills Test.
9/06/2001 Ad Hoc Committee on Assessment sponsored meeting for two faculty groups (Writing & Critical Thinking and Math, Science, & Technology). Two groups have been meeting since September with resource people available as needed.
December 2001 Development of pilot assessment plan in WCT and MST.
Spring 2002 Implementation of pilot assessment plan in WCT and MST.
9/05/02 Ad Hoc Committee on Assessment sponsored meeting for 4 faculty groups (Writing & Critical Thinking and Math, Science & Technology gave reports on progress in 2001-2002; formation of 2 new groups Global Awareness and Ethics & Social Responsibility). Four groups have had resource people available as needed.
November 2002 Writing & Critical Thinking and Math, Science & Technology groups' chairs reported progress to date with plans through Spring 03 at Faculty Senate meeting.
December 2002 Development of pilot assessment plan in "Ethics & Social Responsibility" and "Global Awareness" and continue pilot testing writing matrix in "Writing & Critical Thinking" and "Math, Science & Technology".
Spring 2003 Implementation of pilot assessment plan in WCT, MST, G and E
April 2003 NEASC revisit: University addressed: "...assessment of student learning outcomes" (10/19/00, correspondence from Penina M. Glazer, Vice Chair, NEASC Commission on Institutions of HIgher Learning;) NEASC report noted the campus was progressing with pilot outcome assessment plans with formation of four working groups
May 2003 Faculty workshop on gen ed curriculum and assessment, with Dr. Holly Houston, Relearning by Design: The College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey
September 4, 2004 Breakfast meeting for 4 faculty working groups: Updates and recommendations.
November-December 2003 Update to Faculty Senate from faculty working groups of progress from last AY and assessment plans for Fall 03 and Spring 04 semesters. (membership in groups could be expanded but few volunteer)
March 2004 Chairs of 4 working groups and University Gen Ed Committee met to identify common issues/concerns and discuss approaches (eg. How to increase membership and engage faculty to implement course embedded assessments)
May 10, 2004 Presentation to Faculty Senate by University Gen Ed Committee Chair regarding proposal to modify course offerings in areas: Global Awareness; Diversity; and Ethics & Social Responsibility.
May 12, 2004 Gen Ed Forum discussed proposed changes in Gen Ed Curriculum in areas G, D, and E.
September 9, 2004 Fourth Annual Breakfast Meeting: Presentation by Representatives of the University General Education Committee.
September 2005 Pilot Project for new Gen Ed courses.