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General Education Requirement "I" - Information and Computer Literacy

General Education Curriculum 
As approved by the Faculty Senate through 10/22/97

Curriculum Standard: Tier I

Approved April 2008 by the English Department. The English Department establishes the Objectives and Outcomes for ENL 101 and ENL 102 that encompass both the Writing and Information/Computer Literacy portions of the requirement. Faculty Senate review and approval are not required.

As part of a multi-level approach for developing information and computer literacy, all students, regardless of major, will be instructed during their freshman year in the basic navigation of the computer as a research tool. This basic instruction will be tiered and based on the Library's Instruction Program.

This introduction would include not only exposure to computer mediated information, but also ongoing instruction in its academic application. By the end of their freshman year, students should be able to conduct academic research using library and non-library computer-mediated research technologies. In addition, students should know when expert and/or additional substantive information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively incorporate the needed information.

Rather than requiring a new course, English 101 and 102, the only university-required courses (required of all students in all majors), will be modified to deliver the above requirements in all sections. With the assistance of the General Education Committee, Freshman Year Committee, Library and CITS, the English Department will maintain a specific plan to ensure that all students receive instruction in the specific areas mentioned in this recommendation. Instructors of ENL 101 and 102 would be assisted by Computing and Information Technology Services (CITS) and the Library in preparing and delivering these courses.

See English 101 and 102 objectives, listed in the next category.

Curriculum Standard: Tier II

Curriculum Standard

Each department will establish requirements in addition to Tier I requirements and will inform students of these requirements at the time the students enter the major. All departments must establish advanced literacy skills relevant to their discipline and provide both a course sequence and timeline whereby students obtain these skills.

In 2006 the Gen Ed Committee proposed to the Senate that this category be removed from the Gen Ed program, and the Senate voted to recommend that change to the Chancellor. The Chancellor has not yet acted on the recommendation.


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