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There are many ways to become involved in the Center's activities and every level of participation helps the Center. Please join us as we grow, embrace healthy aging and have a positive impact on society!

Aging impacts all of us. From the moment we are born, we are growing, changing...aging.

Understanding the aging process is critical to all of us. The aging population will bring unprecidented change to medicine, work, lifestyle (transportation, housing, travel and recreation), business (consumer needs, marketing, customer service and service delivery) and public policy. 

With your help, The Gerontology Center can continue to be a source of information on aging, expand the knowledge base and truly have an impact on our society.

Participate in Research Studies - Research in aging and age related topics is critical to our mission, how we contribute to the academic community and the community at large. We cannot move forth in the University's research without participants in our studies. Learn more about how you, or someone you know, can join in and participate. Please visit: studies now recruiting participants.

Attend Events - The Gerontology Center holds educational seminars and workshops. To receive e-news on upcoming events,
email us at:  

Volunteer - The greatest need for volunteers is to participate in the University's Age Related Research (see Participate in Research Studies above).

Become a Partner - Becoming a partner enables The Gerontology Center to grow to be the area's Educational and Research resource for students and the community. Contributions of any amount help the Center.