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"Aging...We are all doing it. Embrace it with a positive attitude!"

Henry DeJesus





Henry DeJesus, husband of the late Ora M. DeJesus

The demographics are clear: the population is aging. This influx of older adults will bring unprecidented change to medicine, work, lifestyle (transportation, housing, travel and recreation), business (consumer needs, marketing, customer service and service delivery) and public policy. Education and research in the aging process are paramount to our understanding aging in a healthy, positive way.

With your help, The Gerontology Center can be on the forefront of information, education and research on aging. 

All levels of contribution help the Center. Please consider one of the following options and become a Partner with the Center: 

1) Donate to the Center

2) Contribute to an Endowment

The Ora M. DeJesus Endowment

Smaller version of primary photo of Ora When Associate Professor and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Ora M. DeJesus died on July 1, 2000, she left a legacy, the UMass Dartmouth Gerontology Center, which reflected her lifelong commitment to elders.

In a fitting tribute, her family, friends and colleagues have established the Ora M. DeJesus Endowment for Gerontology. The interest generated from the endowment will provide operating expenses for the Gerontology Center.

Please consider donating to honor Professor Ora M. DeJesus.

The Anne V. Fayan Endowment

Image of Shaleenanne2 for Gerontology Site  



Anne Fayan (right), with Center Director Shaleen Barnes (photo taken in 2001).

Anne Fayan, a member of the Gerontology Center's Community Advisory Board, generously established an endowment in 1998. The proceeds of this endowment are used to help support the activities of the Center.


Contributions enable the Center to continue and expand the work Ora DeJesus so ably began.

3) Contribute to the Jack M. Gould Memorial Scholarship

The Jack M. Gould Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the work of the late Jack M. Gould, former director of the New Bedford Council on Aging, who was active for many years in service to the elderly of southeastern Massachusetts.  The purpose of the award is to encourage undergraduate and graduate students to pursue professional careers in service to elders.

The scholarship is funded by the Jack M. Gould Memorial Fund and is applied toward the recipient's tuition and fees. For more information about this award, please contact the Office of Advancement.

Feel free contact the Gerontology Center at