UMass Dartmouth is a Tier 1 research university providing a private college educational experience and public university value. Our campus allows our students to prepare themselves for the future of work in a parklike setting near the ocean and Cape Cod. Our donor community includes alumni, faculty, staff, families, and friends of the University who choose to support what they love most about UMassD. Our most popular designations include:

  • The school or college attended
  • Scholarships, which help account for the average $2,500 of need the average UMassD student experiences
  • Bridging the Gap, which provides emergency student assistance in the event a need is presented
  • Arnie's Cupboard, which helps the 28% of students who are food insecure gain access to consistent nourishment
  • UMassD Greatest Needs, which allows the University to secure vital unrestricted funds to support what is needed most