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Individual departments recommend students for Teaching and Research Assistantships. You should contact the appropriate Graduate Program Director immediately to inquire about your TA/RA decision status.

In re-applying to UMass Dartmouth, students may re-use materials from the former application that are still current, but must submit any new or updated information and will be required to submit another application form with the $60 application fee. If you are applying to a different program than the one previously applied to, you will need also to submit a new Statement of Purpose, and you may find it advisable to submit new reference letters. If you have attended any other institutions, you will need to provide official transcripts from them.

Your decision letter provides the name and telephone number of the Graduate Program Director. They can be contacted with questions regarding the admission decision.

The only person who can re-evaluate your file is the Graduate Program Director. Your decision letter provides the name and telephone number of that individual. You may contact that person to inquire about having your file reconsidered for admission. The Graduate Program Director can guide you as to next steps.

If the Graduate Program Director does not reconsider your file for the current semester, but recommends that you seek consideration again, you can reapply for the next semester/year.

In most cases, conditional acceptance means that you must take an additional course or courses offered here at UMass Dartmouth. You need to take the course or courses usually during your first semester of study -- and obtain the grade mentioned (if applicable). An exam may be required during the first semester. If you have any further questions about conditional acceptance requirement(s), contact the person who assigned the condition. Please refer to your acceptance letter and contact the Program Director who is carbon copied (cc: Name) at the bottom of the letter.

Graduate Studies will send you the I-20 after you submit the gray confirmation card or email stating your intention to enroll at UMass Dartmouth. 

You are also required to demonstrate financial resources before an I-20 can be issued.  Please see the list below:

Documentation required:

  • Bank statement no older than 6 months
  • Affidavit of Support -for students being sponsored by agencies, companies, or individuals: an affidavit of support, signed by an appropriate official.
  • Declaration of Finance form
  • Copy of your passport

You are allowed to defer for a maximum of one year's time from when you were accepted. Therefore, for example, if you were accepted for the upcoming fall semester, you can defer to either the following spring or fall semesters. You do this by submitting written request to Graduate Studies or emailing us at Please specify to which semester you wish to defer so that we may accurately process your request.

No. Summer tuition is not waived for students with assistantships.