Other Sources of Support

Other Sources of SupportSpecial fellowships and scholarships of various sorts may be available through individual departments or through external sources. Departments have scholarship funds that graduate students may receive.

Some fellowships and scholarships are available from governmental or private institutions and organizations, often for special purposes such as supporting research or enabling graduate students to study abroad.

Interested applicants and students should first explore opportunities that might be available in their academic department through faculty and administrators involved in research or service activities that might have opportunities for compensated graduate student participation.

Then, it is advisable to spend time in the reference room of the university library, where standard information references can be found about external scholarship and fellowship sources.

Finally, for certain types of programs, such as federally-funded programs, the University's Sponsored Projects Administration Home can help provide information and assistance with practical details in the application process. The Office of Research Administration is located in the Foster Administration Building, Room 001; phone 508.999.8953.