Student Employment

Student Employment On-campus part-time work opportunities are available in the various departments, offices, and agencies of the university. Some forms of employment are awarded based on demonstrated need, but others are available to any qualified student. In addition, the university can assist students in locating part-time work off campus. Although some work assignments are funded through moneys provided by financial assistance, the student work program is administered through the Student Employment Office (phone 508.999.8647).

Need-based student employment is available through the university's participation in the Federal Work-Study program administered by the U. S. Department of Education. To be eligible for the Work-Study program, a student must be accepted for admission or be in good standing if currently enrolled. A student must have demonstrated need by submitting the FAFSA application, through the Office of Financial Aid. Approved students are guaranteed a certain level of work-study support but must still have the required personal qualifications and skills for the specific work-study assignment to be undertaken. The Student Employment Office handles the process of application and appointment to work-study jobs.

Non-need-based employment opportunities are provided through a variety of departmental part-time positions. These are positions offered by the academic or non-academic departments of the University to students who desire to work and meet the qualifications for the position but do not meet federal work-study financial need requirements. Information about departmental positions is available in the various departments and through the Student Employment Office, which handles the details of application and appointment.

Part-time employment may also be available in private businesses or homes, corporations, and industries in the area. The Student Employment Office maintains a listing and referral service for such positions.