Master's Programs

UMass Dartmouth offers master's degrees in dozens of programs/options.

Some programs/options emphasize research, while others emphasize the preparation of students for professional practice. All master's programs have some required capstone experience through which students must demonstrate mastery of subject material at a high level beyond their undergraduate degree.

Many of our master's students go on to pursue doctoral degrees, either at UMass Dartmouth or elsewhere. Others leverage their master's degree to find immediate employment, to change careers, or to advance within their current career.

Our location in the state's southeastern coast gives UMass Dartmouth's graduate programs a distinctive advantage. For some disciplines, nearby Buzzards Bay and the Atlantic Ocean constitute unparalleled laboratories for study and research. For others, the University's library archival holdings, art studio space, and business/engineering/science incubator facilities are paramount. For all, the region's rich history, truly diverse populace, and blossoming cultural scene serve well our students' interests, academic and otherwise.

Master's Programs