Post Application Questions-Prior to Decision

I applied, can you tell me what is missing?

You are welcome to check your application status and see what items are still needed to complete your file. Your password and PIN were sent to you in your acknowledgement letter. The web site status is updated as soon as possible after new materials arrive.

Now that my application is complete, how do I find out if I have been accepted or denied admission?

Your decision letter is mailed to you via regular air mail, and you should receive it soon (air mail typically takes 7-10 days from mail date). We do not divulge admission decision information by telephone, fax, or e-mail. Also, you may check your own application status by clicking on the Admission Status Tool. You will need an Identification Number and a PIN, both of which were sent via your acknowledgement letter from the Graduate Admissions Office.

I am an international applicant; can I have my friend/relative check my status on my behalf?

Yes, you can designate a person to check your status and even have them pick-up your decision letter or I-20 when it is available. You must type up an authorization letter naming this person and sign it so that we have your written official permission on record. You can fax this to our office at 508-999-8183.

Will you consider my admission and graduate assistantship first without an official test report?

No. Your file will remain in our incomplete folder area until we receive your official score report(s) from ETS. It will not be reviewed for a decision or for a graduate assistantship until it is complete.

I have provided you with copies of my GRE/GMAT or TOEFL scores; can you process my application with these copies instead of awaiting the official scores from ETS?

Sorry, but we MUST wait until your official scores arrive from ETS before we can send your file to the department for a decision.

I sent my scores to a department when requesting them from ETS, did you check with them?

All of the score reports from ETS (GRE, GMAT, MAT, and TOEFL) are sent directly to the graduate office for processing. You do not need to worry about which department designation you put on your request.

Is the GRE Test required for my application? Can it be waived?

Yes, the General GRE exam is a requirement for many programs at the graduate level (except for MBA, which requires the GMAT). It may not be waived. Although the Chemistry and Physics programs do not require the GRE exam, it is preferred.

My TOEFL score has expired. Can that requirement be waived?

The TOEFL requirement is waived only for those (1) who had English as their primary language of secondary school or college instruction; (2) who have succesfully completed a year of advanced secondary school or college/university study in the United States; or (3) who can be present in person to meet with officials of the University at the time of application for admission.