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Students can find the Honors Center at the Claire T. Carney Library, Room 212. Students can also locate the Honors Program Director and Cindy Pisapia to ask any questions about the Honors Program.


   Honors Program Staff



Interim Association Director of the Honors ProgramDirector of the University Honors Program; Professor, Department of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies

Office: Library Room 215

Professor Catherine Villanueva Gardner specializes in feminist philosophy, especially ethics, epistemology, and the retrieval of forgotten historical women philosophers. Her most recent book Empowerment and Interconnectivity: Toward a Feminist History of Utilitarian Philosophy (PSU Press, 2012) explores whether there is a distinctive feminist approach to the history of philosophy. Her first book Women Philosophers: Genre And The Boundaries Of Philosophy (Westview, 2003) examines why women philosophers have been excluded from the philosophical canon. Gardner was also invited to write a reference work, Historical Dictionary of Feminist Philosophy (Scarecrow, 2006). In addition, Gardner has published articles in journals and edited collections.

Email: cgardner@umassd.edu
Telephone: 508.999.8253


Brian Ayotte

Associate Director of the University Honors Program, Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: LARTS Room 347

Professor Ayotte is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He is also an adjunct faculty member of Center on Aging at Hebrew SeniorLife, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. His research focuses primarily on the role of individual characteristics and interpersonal relationships in health and health behaviors throughout the life span. Prof. Ayotte has published over 16 peer reviewed articles and contributed to several book chapters.

Email: bayotte@umassd.edu
Telephone: 508.999.9206

‌Keota Fields

Coordinator of Success and Advising, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

Office: LARTS Room 380


Cindy Pisapia

Administrative Assistant for the University Honors Program

Office: Library Room 214

Cindy Pisapia has been at UMass Dartmouth for 29 years. During that time, she has worked for the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Center for Marine and Science Technology, and for the last 18 years, she has worked for the Honors Program.

Email: cpisapia@umassd.edu
Telephone: 508.999.8820, Fax: 508.910.6541



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  Honors Council Student Directors



Julianna Bardon
Student Director

Email:  jbardon@umassd.edu


Grant E. Mooney
Associate Student Director

Email:  gmooney@umassd.edu


Email: @umassd.edu



Email: @umassd.edu

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  Honors Committee

Gary Davis
Professor, Mathematics
Office: LARTS, Room 394E
Phone: 508.999.8739


Gavin Fay
Assistant Professor, Fisheries Oceanography
Office: 200 Mill Road, Fairhaven
Phone: 508.910.6363


Hilary Kraus
Associate Librarian, Library/Information Services
Office: Library, Room 238
Phone: 508.999.8681


Ling Lin
Associate Professor
Office: CCB, 320
Phone: 508.999.8053

Bruce Maddocks
Full Time Lecturer, Design

Office: CVPA, Room 302A
Phone: 508.910.6977


Stephanie O'Hara
Associate Professor, Foreign Literature and Languages
Office: LARTS, Room 252
Phone: 508.999.8336


Ismael Ramirez-Soto
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
Office: 200 Mill Road, Fairhaven, Room 17
Phone: 508.910.9029



Kristen Sethares
Associate Professor and PhD Program Director, Adult Nursing

Office: Dion, Room: 308 B
Phone: 508.999.9148 


College Coordinators

College Coordinators serve as liaisons between honors students, colleges, and the Honors Program. Their main responsibilites include serving as informal advisors for current honors students, helping identify potential candidates for the Honors Program, addressing issues and opinions from respective colleges to the Honors Program, and disseminating information from the Honors Program to the colleges.


College of Arts & Sciences

Stephanie O’Hara

Associate Professor of French & Women’s and Gender Studies

Co-Chair, Department of Women’s & Gender Studies

Office: LARTS 352

Phone: 508-999-8336



College of Visual & Performing Arts

Bruce Maddocks

Lecture, Illustration

Department of Visual Design

First-Year Foundations Studio Arts Program Director

Office: CVPA 302A

Phone: 508-999-9293



College of Nursing

Kristen Sethares

Associate Professor, Adult Nursing and PhD Program Director

Office: DION 308-B

Phone: 508-999-9148



College of Engineering

Christopher Brigham

Assistant Professor

Department of Bioengineering

Office: Textile 227

Phone: 508-999-9149



Charlton College of Business

Zhaojin (Lily) Xu

Assistant Professor

Department of Accounting and Finance

Office: CCB 218

Phone: 508-999-8757



School for Marine Science & Technology

Gavin Fay

Assistant Professor

Department of Fisheries Oceanography

Office: 200 Mill Road, Fairhaven

Phone: 508-910-6363